Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we arrived on this Earth with a map and guidebook that showed us how we could live our best lives? And how to overcome our struggles? Many people believe we land on Earth rather unexpectedly and by chance, and that life is a matter of luck and randomness. Many people are not aware that there is a personally written guidebook just for you – an Astrology chart!

You can, and likely will, evolve and grow without knowledge of your chart, but having it provides focus and speeds things up a little. It’s your own Soul Book.

The science behind astrology

At the moment we are born, the sky paints a highly specific picture and thanks to a long line of astrologers and astronomers behind us, we can take a snapshot of that sky. If you know how to read it, the sky tells a story – your story, and so we are beautifully reminded of the axiom ‘as above, so below.’ And it really is very simple. Life exists as a continuum of vibrations from the highest God frequency to the lowest Earth centre hum. The vibrational patterns just above us, can tell us something of the nature of the vibrations below it. In this way, the planets’ vibrations tell us something of the vibrations of earth and its people.

It has been scientifically proven that a series of synchronized vibrations is at the heart of consciousness and physical reality. The scientists call it resonance, and the Astrologers call it astrology! Astrology is the ability to tune in to the vibrations on a cellular level and artfully bring those vibrations down to the physical level – to life. Essentially, once vibrations ‘match’ in frequency they are in harmony – astrology can decipher how to best harmonise your personal frequencies. Astrologers are here to help Souls step into their most natural ‘frequencies’ in order to find fulfilment.

How can an astrology reading help you?

When a Soul begins to awaken to its true self, it starts on the path of seeking. It has caught a glimpse of ‘something more’ and seeks to find answers to who and what it is. Astrology is just one tool that can be used to help someone uncover these answers. Perhaps I am biased, but I believe Astrology is the most reliable tool in finding out who you are, what drives you and what your purpose is for this life. It is a wonderful blend of science, mysticism and metaphysics.

Astrology can work on many levels. It can guide you through choices in life around partnerships, careers, friendships and creative endeavours. And, it can take you much deeper and reveal to you your Soul purpose, your gifts and your challenges. With Evolutionary Astrology, I look deeply into your past lives and share my findings on how you might heal from past life negative patterns that ripple through to this life, and what gifts you have brought in to this life.

An astrology reading can…

  • Discover what past lives you had and how those patterns influence you today
  • Bring much clarity to your everyday life and choices
  • Help you to feel more at home in yourself and accept all of yourself
  • Provide guideposts for how to navigate your challenges
  • Cultivate a greater sense of meaning and purpose for yourself
  • Help you become your best self with greater fulfilment

Types of readings and fees

I will need your date, exact location and exact time of birth to prepare a reading. The time does have to be within 15 minutes correct for the reading to be relevant. Once I have this, depending on how booked I am, it takes about 7-10 days to prepare. You can choose to have a Zoom call which I can send you afterwards, or come and see me in person in beautiful Devon!

PLEASE NOTE: If you’d like a synastry reading, or a transits and progressions reading, you must first have had a natal reading with me. We need to fully understand you, first, before we can explore your relationship to another, or what the current life themes for you are. I offer a reduced price natal reading for this purpose, which is slightly less detailed than the full reading but enough to provide a good context for the following readings. Please see reading types and prices below.



“I was quite anxious at first, not really knowing what to expect with my reading but Ruby put me at ease straight away and explained what she was going to take me through. It was clear she had put in a lot of work ahead of the session and the level of detail was amazing. I can honestly say that something ‘clicked’ that day and I shall be taking my learnings forward with me with clarity.”

Lou, [Gemini] Oxfordshire


“Ruby is an amazing Astrologer, if you have any questions or even a little interest in Astrology it’s definitely worth investigating further and I doubt you will find anyone better than Ruby!”

Joshua, [Leo] Devon


“Ruby’s astrological readings are filled with a very grounded, no nonsense, deep wisdom due to a lifetime/s of study and personal spiritual development. I felt as though I was held in a very safe, attentive, compassionate space. The reading opened my eyes to certain themes running through my life giving me a much deeper understanding of my soul’s journey and how I could move more easily into my higher aspect. Thank you so much for a very informative, enlightening experience.”

Sandra, [Gemini] Devon


“What I have seen confirms your incredible talent! Your question “are your drives for perfection about your career and what you do, or, are they about yourself and who you are?” made me smile and is also a question I am going to have to answer. Not one of any of my other readings or interactions with astrologers have posed that question or connected the two things – congratulations!”

Peter, [Scorpio] Los Angeles


“I found Ruby’s reading astoundingly accurate and informative. It helped me understand the patterns that I get stuck in and why, and pointed me towards where I could focus my energy for personal growth. I would recommend Ruby’s reading for anyone wanting to gain perspective on who they are and where their Soul is heading.”

Lucy, [Taurus] Oxfordshire


“The reading was wonderful and so much resonated. I feel that whatever choices I make I will be able to weave these powerful themes into my life. Thank you Ruby – you are a magician!”

Ami, [Aries] Cardiff


“My children’s readings were unbelievable! For someone who doesn’t know my children, it felt like Ruby had some inside information that only I or my husband would know. The readings gave me an insight into where my children might struggle in life and how I might best support them. I would highly recommend a reading from Ruby to every parent, as a way to shine a light on how to guide your children through their early life and Soul journey.”

Claire, [Pisces] Oxfordshire


“I cannot speak more highly of Ruby and her clear talent for astrology. I was utterly captivated by her ability not just to read my birth chart in such minute detail, but also to extract from it such deep understanding of my personal characteristics and patterns. This combination, along with her level of empathy and warmth, helped bring such comfort and clarity to my circumstances at a really difficult time. She gave me an understanding of my journey to date, and peace of mind to take with me as I step onto the path of my future.”

Helen, [Libra] Brighton


“I commissioned Ruby to do a birth chart for my daughter’s 21st birthday. It was beautifully written, really well put together, and scarily accurate! My daughter loved it.”

Sarah, [Aquarius] Oxfordshire


“I was impressed by the presentation of this reading. The absence of overly technical information created a flow of knowledge and comment that was easy to follow and absorb. The whole tenor of the reading is confident, clear and almost conversational which created an inclusive effect to me as the reader.”

Anonymous, [Virgo]


“You are sensitive and intuitive and these are wonderful abilities for an astrologer. For someone reaching the end of the preparatory course you are outstanding.”

Patricia, Astrology Tutor, White Eagle Lodge

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