The Cosmic Meaning of Uranus/Jupiter Conjunction 2024

As every astrologer is currently talking about the great Uranus/Jupiter conjunction of 2024 I thought a contribution was necessary. Like a good Aquarian, I am forever raising my perspective above the details and seeking a more unifying interpretation of the sky’s messages. The conjunction isn’t hugely rare, it happens every 14 years, but it is important and it will leave fingerprints both personally and collectively.

I have read many interpretations that focus almost solely on the mundane expression of this conjunction, be it sudden changes in how we deal with money, or some unusual new art being published, or indeed a mass rebellion! All completely valid of course, but I remind myself constantly that what we see here ‘below’ is a reflection of the cosmic ‘above’. Mundane events are always a reflection of the response to a vaster more cosmic plan for our personal and collective evolution. So let’s focus on the cosmic plan!

Jupiter is about spiritual growth and expansion, how you evolve your spirituality. Uranus is about individuation from the herd. From a cosmic perspective, in order to evolve collectively we must spiritually grow and we must separate from the beliefs and practices of the herd. With this conjunction, individuation and growth are inseparable. At this time, we cannot grow without separating ourselves from others in some way, and every act of individuation inevitably comes with spiritual growth. Whereas previously these things may have operated independently, now we have this incredible opportunity to ‘kill two birds with one stone’.

Let’s also remind ourselves what true individuation means too. Individuation is not deliberately and forcefully separating ourselves from others in visible ways. It is breaking away from collective beliefs and values and gaining perspective on them. It is being able to become objective not subjective. It is the ability to take a birds eye view of things. If we have not individuated, we are lost, blind in amongst the herd. Individuation has little to do with ‘being different’, and more to do with ‘clear seeing’. Uranus represents your higher mind, and Jupiter represents your beliefs and what you put your faith in. Collectively, it’s time to get a new perspective, and shake up dogmatic beliefs. Now, your faith and beliefs need to align fully with your higher mind, which sits above the herd.

There is an energy of freedom, liberation and new horizons with this conjunction. But freedom and liberation from what? Again mundane astrology suggests it’s freedom from outdated rules, controlling organisations or people, or freedom on your time and how you spend it. Again, all valid at this level, but all these little stories that unfold are connected to a larger cosmic story. With Uranus and Jupiter, that cosmic story is suggesting a need to liberate ourselves from our own blind beliefs, and especially our own beliefs about what ‘success’ means. If we shift from worldly matters, to cosmic meanings we can better understand how our personal stories and events fit into that higher cosmic meaning. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you leave your controlling boss or not, what matters is that YOU shift into clear seeing of the situation, how it’s defined you and held you back and how your perspective will change going forward.

The conjunction occurs in Taurus, and money is indeed a huge theme. But what does money represent? It represents safety, security, survival – all strong Taurus themes. The moving about of money on a mundane level is again simply the ‘board game’ of the bigger cosmic order. So with Jupiter and Uranus we need to expand and shake up all our beliefs around safety and security and what survival means. In fact, we may even need to detach from the idea that money provides safety and security at all! I suspect many can relate to the idea that money has stunted our growth or prevented us from deviating from the herd in some way. This conjunction offers an alternative way to look at all this.

Taurus also relates to worth and value, another huge pain point in our collective psyche. With this conjunction, it’s time to change [radically] how we measure worth, and our current values around money and all material matters. Here is an opportunity to find a true stillness and a simple spiritual essence within matter, in keeping with Taurus’s higher themes.

Of course, there is always the possibility of the less desirable outcomes of such a conjunction! Especially if individuals over-identify with the worldly ‘stories’ that play out down here and lose sight of the larger cosmic picture. Our individual lives contribute to our collective evolution in each and every moment, but often we mistake the importance of our lives as superior to this evolution. Some of the things that ‘could’ happen for individuals or groups from this conjunction are:

  • Acting on radical, wild overly optimistic ideas and decisions that haven’t been thought through
  • Radical dogma and beliefs imposed upon others in shocking ways
  • Separating from others even more through differences in income and material belongings
  • Groups of radicalists breaking some laws in the name of their beliefs
  • Shocking examples of a lack of safety and security for some groups of people

There has always been an over-focus on what significant astrological alignments will ‘do to us’, and there’s never enough emphasis on our own power to affect the outcomes. I hope one of the belief systems that may change during this conjunction is that we are powerless!

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