Learn To Interpret Your Own Astrology Chart Workshop


So many people tell me that they’d love to be able to understand what their birth chart means, and I think it’s time to bring that understanding to as many people as I possibly can through astrology workshops! When I learnt how to read my own chart, it transformed my life – now I’d like to help you to transform yours.

For absolute beginners and novices alike, this series of 6 workshops will guide you gently, and expertly through interpreting the messages in your own chart. I will use a combination of presentations, handouts, talks and group discussions to carefully help you navigate your chart at a friendly pace with plenty of time for questions as we all learn together.

The workshops include a beautifully crafted workbook for you to keep and refer back to, a copy of your own birth chart to use in your studies, and of course tea and biscuits!

Practical information…

These astrology workshops have been carefully and thoughtfully paced, so attendance at all 6 is necessary to get maximum benefit. You must also know your time of birth – to within 30 minutes correct. Participants send me their birth details ahead of the course start date and I will generate your chart for you.

The workshops have been spaced out with 2 week gaps to allow for assimilation of what’s been learned – what you will discover about yourself will be transformative!

To register your interest: please email rubyglasspool@hotmail.com

**Please note, 4 people minimum are required to allow this workshop to go ahead. At this stage I am just taking interest and as soon as I have 4 people the workshops can go ahead. Price will be around £200 for all 6 workshops.

VENUE: The Guildhall, 42 Fore St, Plympton, Plymouth PL7 1ND. Some parking available at carpark at rear, when full park on general village streets.

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