Astrology Readings

Your Soul map

Wouldn’t life be a little easier to fathom if we came in with a manual? At times life feels completely random and every detail left to chance. Well the good news is that there is a manual, and life isn’t entirely random. Deep within you, there exists an ever-unfolding personal map called a natal chart. And an astrologer (that’s me), can bring that map out in the open and show you around. Sitting with an astrologer is like sitting with your own Soul, and it’s incredibly liberating!

The science behind astrology

Everything is energy. All that energy is connected. The Moon can literally pull the ocean, and dogs know their owner is nearly home even when they can’t see them. When you were born, the planets were in certain positions in the sky and in that moment you embodied the energy present in the skies above. Synchronized vibrations are at the heart of consciousness and physical reality. The scientists call it resonance, and the astrologers call it astrology!

The purpose of an astrology reading

There’s a beautiful place for unknowing, chance and randomness in life, and astrology doesn’t try to fix that. Astrology helps a person to become more deeply conscious of themselves and the incredible life they contain within them. A reading can awaken you to a more authentic, awake and meaningful expression of yourself. A reading can identify both challenging, repeating emotional and mental patterns you carry, and the hidden gifts you hold. A reading brings clarity and a greater sense of meaning and purpose.



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