Applying Astrology To Our Daily Lives

astrology event ruby glasspool
6th October 2022, 6-8pm
Harewood House, Alf Wright Room, Plympton
Cost: £3 on the door


We are more than just our star sign – we have all 12 of them within us. The 12 signs represent deep truths about life as a human on earth, and express themselves in our lives in a multitude of different ways. They are a roadmap, a cosmic guidebook as to how we can live our best lives and find our way to these higher truths, and their wisdom is available to everyone, if only we understood their deeper messages!

Join this fascinating introductory talk by astrologer Ruby Glasspool as she walks you through recognizing how the 12 signs express themselves in your lives, and the truths they are pointing you towards, as well as how to recognize their potential blind spots.

Suitable for non-astrologers, complete beginners and experienced astrologers alike, as we will be focusing on the energies of the signs and how they show up in real life. This talk will give you a toolbox of ideas for how to claim greater mastery of your own journey through life – especially through a better understanding of your own star sign!


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