About Ruby

About Me

I’m Ruby, Evolutionary Astrologer, Writer and Modern Mystic. I offer guidance and support to all those who may be stuck on their path; or who are simply looking to grow and evolve. I help those who are feeling lost, confused, conflicted, frustrated, stuck, or detached. Likewise, if life is wonderful and you’re just curious about astrology and about yourself, I can help there too! My approach is grounded and practical, but also highly spiritual and creative.

We need both approaches to walk a balanced path.

My Path Towards Liberation

The Beginning…

By the time I was 30, I had developed a regular meditation practise and started attending spiritual courses. Insatiable, I devoured every spiritual book I could find and spent hours and hours ‘working’ on myself. I tried EFT Tapping, visualisation, manifesting, energy exercises, homeopathy, CBT, binaural beats and much more. All I wanted was to heal, evolve and find answers to who we really are. After five years of continuous self development work I finally found my answers, and they were rather unexpected! I am still finding answers every day, and getting comfortable with no answers!

The Middle…

I had been having unusual spiritual experiences involving lights and colours and vibrations near my 3rd eye area over several months. It took some getting used to and I was afraid at first. Then, in one intense moment I was taken out of my body to meet Spirit – Eye to Eye. In a moment I saw past lives play out before me, until the great blue Eye of Spirit opened upon me and flooded me with Divine Light, Love, Wisdom and Truth. It was an act of grace and surrender. I saw that Spirit was me, and I was Spirit and I felt the Divine Truth that resided at the core of our Universe.

It changed me forever, and yet I returned to my life to continue my lessons. Since that union, I gained the ability to leave my body at will and go astral travelling, where I continued my evolution on the next plane. Today I am still moving in and out of my human and spirit self, grappling with earthly lessons and exploring other realms to understand them on a deeper level.

I am an empath, a clairvoyant, and a mystic and it is my purpose here to tune into higher dimensions and bring down wisdom teachings to the earthly plane in a way that they can be embodied and grounded and simply understood. Astrology, and Authorship are some of the tools I use to do this. I have been diagnosed as Gifted, with High Giftedness specifically in emotional and spiritual intelligence, and as well as helping me to understand myself better, it also hugely helps when working with others in intuitive and emotional ways.

A Little Detour…

Sometimes bravely, sometimes cautiously, I have walked the path of pain intensely, with great determination as I worked through my own path of suffering. I know what terror, despair, hopelessness and loneliness feels like. My natal Pluto, the planet of death and destruction is at critical 29 degrees. It’s also trine my Sun and conjunct Saturn in the 9th house. If you’re an astrologer you will know what that means – yikes! I came in with that placement because my Soul knew I could handle it. But Pluto is also about rebirth and transformation, and I can honestly say I have transformed!

The End

Today, I have overcome so much of my personal story and history. Now, I live a life of love, joy, purpose and spiritual connection. Of course, I am human, so I still struggle in my own ways at times. But I have a toolbox so big, and a faith so strong that these moments of suffering provide wisdom not pain. I have seen the many faces of what is ultimately a separation from God/Source/Spirit/Self. Ultimately, I have arrived at a place where I am comfortable in being no-one, with no story. I have to write ‘about me’ in this world, in order to serve my purpose, but inwardly, and privately I do not hold on to an identity, or a set of adjectives about myself, and that has been the key to my own ever-unfolding liberation.

It’s only when we embrace our shadows, accepting all of ourselves, that we can fully let go of ourselves. We are both light and dark, both spirit and human. The Universe is ever evolving towards perfect equilibrium, and we can help by finding equilibrium deep within ourselves. In fact, this is all we came here to do!

It is my absolute honour and privilege to walk this path with you.

My Training

Level 3 Counselling Certificate with Heartwood Counselling
Diploma in Spiritual Life Coaching with the Jo Houghton Soul Academy
Primary Certificate in Astrology with White Eagle School of Astrology
Craftsperson Degree in Evolutionary Astrology with renowned Steven Forrest
Diploma in Theosophy with The Theosophical Society England
Qualified Mental Health First Aider with MHFA

Currently deepening my studies with the amazing Forrest Center for Evolutionary Astrology

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