Astrology Talks


It’s time to bring back astrology into everyday use and reawaken the magic of the sky! In each of these talks I deep-dive into the symbolism, the underlying messages, the personalities and archetypes of the star sign, and how we can become more aware of the signs and their energies as they play out in life around us and through us. I give examples of famous people who have expressed the high and low paths of the sign, and talk you through what the ultimate purpose of the sign is, along with ways in which you can walk that path.

These talks are not just for you if it happens to be your own Sun sign – we ALL have all 12 signs within us, in different areas of our lives. Your star sign represents only one tiny part of your own zodiac – I encourage everyone to come to every talk!

**When you sign up for the talk[s], you can email me your date and location of birth and I will tell you which planets you have in that sign. For example, if you have Mercury in Gemini, then Gemini ‘flavours’ your thinking, learning and communicating style.

“I absolutely love these talks! I come away with so much more understanding of myself, and of others around me who have that sign heavily in their chart.” Sue [Plymouth]

Practical information…

Each talk will last aprox 2 hours and include plenty of time for questions.

REMEMBER: These talks are not just for people who are that star sign – each one is for everyone!

10th March 2023, 7-9pm, ARIES
24th March 2023, 7-9pm, TAURUS
14th April 2023, 7-9pm,
28th April 2023, 7-9pm,
12th May 2023, 7-9pm,
26th May 2023, 7-9pm,
9th June 2023, 7-9pm, LIBRA
23rd June 2023, 7-9pm, SCORPIO
21st July 2023, 7-9pm, SAGITTARIUS
28th July 2023, 7-9pm, CAPRICORN
11th August 2023, 7-9pm, AQUARIUS
25th August 2023, 7-9pm, PISCES

Cost: £5 per talk
, **Pay via PayPal or BACS
OFFER: Sign up for a block of 6, and pay £25 instead of £30!

To book your place: please email I will send you the Zoom link, and details for transferring your payment.

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