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Thank you for taking the time to explore my website. Everything I offer is a chance to come home to yourself. An astrology reading will open the door to the truth of who you are on the inner realms, and regular mentoring will bring your outer life into alignment with the true you.

Astrology is once again beginning to emerge as an important psychological and spiritual art that is being used by thousands of people. No astrologer is here to prove its validity, and trained astrologers are already aware of the real magic and truth of their science. We are the gatekeepers of a sacred wisdom art, and once initiated into its magic, we feel a higher obligation to use this gift to help others.

A little bit about my logo…

The logo is made up of components that each have their own message. The crescent moon represents the Moon in a natal chart. The Moon is our Soul, our deep inner emotional world and what we need in order to be happy. The eye represents the All Seeing Eye [of God]. We all have a ‘Cosmic’ Eye and we can all awaken it and see more magnificently than we might in day to day life. The Sagittarian arrow is symbolic of going on a journey, of exploring and discovering greater meaning to our lives.

And, overall, the entire symbol represents the glyph of Pluto. Pluto in our charts is where and how we hold our greatest power, and where and how we can do our deepest transformational work. Exploring, imagining and following our own bliss are all components of overall transformation.

I hope you enjoy exploring my website, and find something here to help you on your own transformational journey. You can learn more about me, and also make a cuppa and enjoy my thought-provoking journal entries.

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